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For  36 years, the primary mission of Straight Wire is to develop and produce world class cables and related accessories, predominantly made in the USA, primarily for consumer audio and video enthusiasts.

Along the way – we have been privileged to be chosen for select mobile ,studio, commercial, marine and avionic projects / applications as well as being the chosen OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cable supplier for many well known brands. Straight Wire willingly takes on custom projects that few other AV cables companies would consider.

The philosophy of delivering all the music and a clear picture at a reasonable price has helped us build and enjoy the respect, admiration and confidence from consumers, dealers, industry affiliates, press and many more.

The Straight approach to cables provides the truest sound and vision that the content creators intended for your relaxation & escape. Link your system together with Straight Wire and uncover musical nuances & visual subtleties you've missed. You'll get more entertainment from all your existing AV gear and enjoy the performance pleasures from new technologies and components with Straight Wire.

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The Initial Design Process

After three decades of producing leading performance cables for
AV applications in over 50 international markets, Straight Wire
knows the parameters and development process to design new
cables. We constantly research, review & interpret the electrical
data on electronics and speakers to spot audio trends or tendencies. The latest AV formats and related equipment are evaluated so we
can develop cables ahead of the current standards to enable long lasting performance and compatibility.

New materials and refined processes are employed on an application specific and cost conscious approach to develop cables with great value. Our years of experience and knowledge enable us to address real life concerns for flexibility, strain relief, bending radius, connector depth/protrusion and many more. Factors such as conductor diameter, braid angle, stranding options, insulation resonance points and dozens of other variables are analyzed and addressed before prototypes are produced.

Straight Wire EXI refine

The Listening Panel

After an audio cable's mechanical and electrical parameters have
been optimized on the drawing board, a limited quantity of cable is produced for the listening panel (in two or three color coded versions) composed of leading manufacturers, dealers, critics and consumers. Quantitative sonic evaluation reports are generated with a record of specific equipment used in the evaluation process. Solid state & tube gear, dynamic & planar speakers from many manufacturers are used
by the listening panel to establish a broad basis for the selection of
the final production version. 

  Straight Wire Listening panel

Refinement & Tweaking

The listening panel's reports are carefully evaluated to select which of the prototype versions should be put into production. Sometimes additional prototypes are produced to achieve the sonic approval of
the listening panel while maintaining optimized electrical and mechanical parameters for broad applications.

Video cables are designed, prototyped and built to exceed mil-spec tolerances to ensure reliable, consistent performance. Premium conductors, insulation and shielding are chosen to ensure your
picture is worth a thousand words.

Straight Wire transcends other cables because of logical and methodical research and redesign efforts before a product is offered
to the customer. This process takes longer and costs more than
"quick trial and error" methods, but we're sure you'll see and
hear the difference with Straight Wire.


Special Manufacturing Tools

Only after our prototypes meet the exacting standards of measured accuracy and sonic fulfillment are they put into production. Even then,
we address interactive issues of temperature variation, tension, purity
of manufacturing environment and other elements critical to
maintaining the final design's integrity.

Slower more consistent line extrusions, Planar vs. Wardwell braiders where applicable, computer controlled take-off tensioning devices and many other special manufacturing tools are utilized in our predominantly USA made cables. Highly skilled personnel watch over the bulk cable manufacturing and employ a cutting board that shows how each cable should look and measure at each stage of completion.


Terminations and QC

All terminations are completed to the exacting procedures of the
original reference design. Heavy gold plated, PTFE insulated connectors are terminated with silver solder in a carefully controlled environment. Our procedures are on par with jewelry making standards of precision and measured tolerances. The technicians making most of our cables have years of experience and are meticulous in their craftsmanship.

Straight Wire Term Cables

Our technicians cross check all their assemblies with another highly skilled partner. Their mutual goal is to produce flawless cables, even if the process is more time consuming than expected. Magnification devices are used to inspect the final assembly followed by a process of electrical measurements.

  Straight Wire MERC TESTING LAB
It is only after this time consuming process that we release our Lifetime Limited Warranty* that is featured on all Straight Wire cables.


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