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Straight Wire Crescendo Interconnect
Straight Wire CRESCENDO II Interconnects & Speaker Wire:
Preliminary Review

I had the fortunate pleasure of a two-week visit in my system of Straight Wire's Crescendo products. Hence, I am calling this a Preliminary Review,
as I did not have the wire long enough for a full evaluation. A full review
will follow, as I was so impressed with it that I am in the process of
outfitting my system in Crescendo wire.


Push Prong connectors from Straight Wire
What can I say. These Push Prong connectors from Straight Wire represent a small revolution in durable, high quality RCA and BNC connection technology. I have timed myself and I can assemble a pair of custom length RCA leads (four connectors) in less than two minutes. Astounding, so while I'm waiting for the Weller to warm up I can have it done and plugged in. Custom length cables are really the only path to a neat and professional wire up job behind equipment. Often the time to do this is not easy to find. I believe this new Push Prong (Patent Pending) technology from US based high quality speaker and interconnect cable manufacturer, Straightwire is going to change all that.
Audiofix, Andrew Hutchison.25-01-2009




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