The truest sound and vision has been the foundation of Straight Wire
for over 30 years via our award-winning premium Audio Video cables.

Audio and visual entertainment is most exceptional when content is conveyed free
of processing and alteration. To uncover musical nuances & visual subtleties
need high performance cables matched to your components. Straight Wire is a
world wide leader in cables for home, professional, mobile, and computer applications.

Whether you're a two channel or multi-channel enthusiast ...
We strongly suggest you allow us to perform a free SYSTEM ANALYSIS.

This information enables us to make educated suggestions regarding which audio cable and video cable will best compliment your system. Straight Wire needs this data to diagnose and make suggestions for your system to perform as the equipment manufacturers intended for your long lasting aural and visual enjoyment.

If you allow us the opportunity, we’d like to learn more about your listening tastes (orchestral, chamber, classical, rock, jazz/blues, etc) and typical listening volume. The better we know your preferences, the better we can make suggestions to enhance your listening enjoyment correct use of audio and video cables, not just about audio cables, about your whole system!

To begin, there is no magical cable that can offer you penultimate performance or audio nirvana.

All audio and video cables act as passive filters with issues of complex reactance (capacitive and inductive) and numerous other electrical and mechanical considerations. The subjective preferences you will develop or have developed are largely based on the main components – the “meat and potatoes” of your system. Think of the cables as spices – they are clearly evident in most dishes – even to those who don’t claim to have a discriminating palette.

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Audio cables, video cable, plugs and connectors  Audio cables, video cable, plugs and connectors Audio cables, video cable, plugs and connectors